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Lance Morrison

He was elusive when he was on the road with Rick but now he has come out of hiding and is revealing himself to us. Read all about what Lance has been up to since being on the road with Rick.

9/11/01 - How has it changed you and the things you do?

9/11 hasn't changed my routine, but it sure depresses me.

What was the difference between touring with Don Henley and Rick?

Biggest difference between touring with Don and Rick: fan enthusiasm! Rick has more excitable fans than Don does.

What is the best/worst thing about touring?

Thing I like most about touring: hanging out with the guys, and feeling like you're on vacation except you're getting paid. / Things I like least: air travel

Are you promoting anything right now?

CD promotion: I set up a web page at www.lancemorrison.com and have my CD available for purchase on the net at CD Baby and CD Street. If anyone else has any ideas!!!

Any quotes you live by?

Don't live by any quotes, really.

What is your biggest daily challenge?

Biggest daily challenge is staying positive about myself and my abilities, especially when work is slow.

What is your favorite Rick Springfield song?

Favorite Rick song used to be Jessie's Girl, but now, after getting to play with the guy, I can't make up my mind!

up half empty or half full?

Cup is half empty, and I'm constantly trying to fill it up!

Morning person or night owl?

Morning person, because I like feeling I'm accomplishing something early in the day.  



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