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Jackie Zeman

Jackie Zeman began training for the classic ballet at age 5. She was accepted into the New Jersey Dance Company at age 15, and accepted a scholarship from New York University at age 15 to pursue a major in dance.

The dark-haired beauty decided to try acting, and has become a staple of daytime drama As General Hospital's Bobbie Spencer since 1977. Jackie is a well accomplished actress, writer, wife, mother and humanitarian. She has been nominated for several Emmy's, and has won various awards, including the American Heart Association's, 'Les Etoiles de Coeur' Award...Charolette Meyers Volunteer Recognition Award from the Leukemia Society of America, Left- handers Society's Outstanding Left- hander of the Year Award and the Hollywood International Favorite Actress Award. As part of her humanitarian work, Jackie has worked with Rick in raising awareness and funding for cystic fibrosis.

Meet Jackie Zeman......

What was your very first impression of Rick?

It was a pleasant surprise to discover that in addition to his talent and good looks he has a genuine heart.

Dr. Noah Drake? What are your fondest memories of him?

Rick is always the ultimate professional. Working with him is a real pleasure because he is such a likeable person. When he was on GH, his music career was on the upswing. He was traveling a lot and singing, writing, performing, and yet he always came to the set prepared and with a commitment to do his best. After we had worked together for a while, I was leaving GH to take a break and Rick brought red roses on my last day. He was very thoughtful to do that. 

What is your biggest daily challenge?

Everyday I try to remind my children and myself that happiness and a positive attitude are a wise choice. Also, to be kind, generous and loving always and not just when convenient.

Have you seen Rick in EFX Alive? If so, what did you think of it?

Spectacular!!! Every year, Rick and I host the Dolphin Ball in Malibu to raise money for cystic fibrosis. Last year Rick wouldn't attend because he was committed to his EFX show in Las Vegas. He and Barbara generously donated tickets to the show plus a visit backstage to meet Rick. My husband Glenn and I bought the tickets and the visit in the silent auction and we took our daughters, Cassidy and Lacey to see him. They were very excited and we all enjoyed Rick's performance very much. Barbie was backstage too that night and it was a treat to see her. She is a very special lady.

Favorite Rick Springfield song? Why?

I couldn't choose just one. My family and I particularly like the Karma CD. We play it often in the car.

9/11/01 ? How has it changed you and the things you do?

It's made me more respectful, reverent, grateful. appreciative of all things.

Complete this statement? If not an actress, I would be??

A wife, a mother, possibly an architect / designer.

Do you have any quote you live by?

I tell my children often "Life is full of choices. Choose wisely."

Cup half empty or half full?

Half Full

If you could perform with any one performer, whom would you choose?

I would like to have a voice like Celine Dion and sing with Andrea Bocelli.



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