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Sue Packard

 Don't call her Susan, she'll correct you (smile)!.....Sue Packard, or "Packy" as she is known, is the Assistant to Rick in EFX-Alive. Packy has had the position of "Assistant to the Big Star of the Show" since it started, so she's worked with Michael Crawford, David Cassidy and Tommy Tune before Rick. Packy is a former figure skater, and worked with Ice Capades for a decade before settling in Las Vegas with them. Packy enjoys her living in Las Vegas and enjoys her job (Hey, who wouldn't??).

Meet Packy.... 

How did you get the job as assistant to Mr. Springfield?

Unfortunately, I can't say that Rick chose me. I acquired the job with Michael Crawford and then David Cassidy, then Tommy Tune, then Rick. 

What is your biggest daily challenge?

Getting Up

Do you still have things to do at the theatre even if it is a dark week or do you get the time off as well?

It Depends

Has the cast ever played any jokes on Rick or teased him about his "teen idol" image?

I don't know about the cast, but I personally have played many jokes on him.

Are there any quick costume changes you dread during the show?

There are only two quick changes in the show - Houdin behind the spike cage and into the Finale costume. I don't mind either. 

What is the most unique thing a fan has given Rick since you have been working with him?

G-strings and guitar shaped condoms. 

What is a typical show day like for you?

It's supposed to be typical

If you were not working on EFX what would your dream job be?

There isn't another dream job I know of yet. 

Best EFX memory to date?

Too many to list...

What's the best thing about living in Las Vegas? Are you a native Las Vegan?

The weather. I love the heat. No, I am from Los Angeles, CA.

Anything you'd like to share about yourself?

I'm from Redondo Beach - CA. Grew up on ice skating every minute I could. Joined Ice Capades in the late 1970's and stayed for 10 years on the road with them. Have done ice shows since, which brought me to Vegas. When our show was closing, I applied for a job at EFX and the rest is history.

I have 2 cats & one dog!! Single with a boyfriend. Just thought I'd add that.



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